Adult First Aid


Duration: 3.5 Hours

The training program is for participants to gain or improve knowledge and skill proficiency in adult first aid.


This course is intended for those who are not professional rescue personnel or healthcare providers.

This program includes flexible instructional tools for developing proficiency via demonstration and prompted practice, including scenario-based problem-solving exercises with feedback to increase student confidence. Ultimately, our goal is that you not only have the knowledge, but also the confidence to execute.

Adult First Aid Course Objectives:

  • Summarize the basic legal concepts that apply to providing first aid and CPR AED.
  • Recognize the first aid provider’s role, responsibilities, and priorities.
  • Recognize the main elements to the procedure for first aid and CPR AED.
  • Explain the Adult First Aid Procedure.
  • Describe how to recognize and provide first aid treatment for injury, medical, and environmental emergencies.
  • Recognize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a safety-oriented home and workplace culture. Correctly demonstrate the removal of contaminated personal protective equipment.
  • Correctly demonstrate the Adult First Aid Procedure.
  • Correctly demonstrate how to control severe external bleeding.
  • Correctly demonstrate how to use an epinephrine autoinjector.

Our First Aid/CPR AED reflects the latest resuscitation science and treatment recommendations published by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), and it conforms with the 2020 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC and the annual Guidelines Update.

This is a Health Safety Institute Certification Course.

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