Preparation Planning and Bug Out Bag Course


Duration: 3 Hours

Prepare for unexpected events, make informed ‘Bug Out’ decisions, and gain practical skills in this class.


Bug Out Bag Course.

Events can take an unexpected turn at any time. Often when they do, we are able to make adjustments to adequately address our present situation. Occasionally, the option for us to resolve the immediate challenge is outside of our control and we are forced to consider leaving the area. Leaving or “Bugging Out” will never be easy, but it will be easier if we have thought about what is available, where we are going, and the various elements that must be considered to make the decision to go and have the will, supplies, and capability to go. 

This class focuses on the considerations that go into making the decision to “Bug Out” and the elements that are needed to leave with the least amount of stress while giving us the best chance of “bugging Out” successfully. Do you believe it is a true statement that: “The body can’t go where the head hasn’t been first.”?  Let’s make sure you have a plan.

We will address the who, what, where, when, and why of making and executing the decision and talk about the specific preparations it takes to be successful. You will be ready to build your own B.O.B. when we are done.

This class will involve some student “Hands-on” training.

Event Details

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