Less-Lethal Weapons


Learn the basics of less-lethal weapons to include why they are “LESS” and not “NON” Lethal, their application, capabilities, and other information pertinent to the decision to carry one or more of them.


A  segment of the use-of-force continuum and a critical part of a personal defense plan  is developing knowledge and skills to defend yourself using Less Lethal Weapons. 

These are great augmentees to your personal defensive skills and may enable you avoid having to use a firearm to get yourself out of an unpleasant situation. We will look at a variety of weapons to include the collapsible baton, kubotons, chemical irritants, electronic control devices, Keychain weapons, audio devices and more.  We will also demo projectile launchers (e.g, Byrna Guns) you can carry that do not require a permit. 

Event Details

Venue: 804A E College Parkway Annapolis, MD 21409

Phone: (443) 223-4921

Email: [email protected]