Welcome to In My Defense, LLC

We provide you, the sober, moral, honest, law-abiding citizen personal defense, firearms, and emergency medical training to avoid or survive a violent encounter or medical emergency when it is thrust upon you or those you love, and “you are all you have”.

We train “Guardians!”


I understand the world is a dangerous place. I support our police, fire, and EMS. I also understand that though they are dedicated to my and my family’s safety, history shows, they will probably not be in a position to protect me or my family when evil and violence seek us out or a medical emergency occurs

Therefore, I must be prepared to defend or save my own life, my property, and perhaps the life of another, as appropriate, within the law and in full view of God who sees all.

Though I may not be a police officer, military member, or special operator. I am a moderately trained, moral, and disciplined citizen who believes life is precious and I have a duty to protect it.

I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I am willing to.

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