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  • Senior Safety Seminar


    Duration: 2 Hours If you are over 55 years old and current events, a noticeable lack in prosecutions or even arrests concern you – this is your class.

  • Streetsafe 1


    Duration: 4 Hours   (2 hours classroom/2 hours on the mat)

    Predators are all around us and some of them are people who ware supposed to care for us.  This course is for those who refuse to be a victim, but also understand prudence demands some preparation.    

  • Less-Lethal Weapons


    Learn the basics of less-lethal weapons to include why they are “LESS” and not “NON” Lethal, their application, capabilities, and other information pertinent to the decision to carry one or more of them.

  • Preparation Planning and Bug Out Bag Course


    Duration: 3 Hours

    Prepare for unexpected events, make informed ‘Bug Out’ decisions, and gain practical skills in this class.